Thanks to Mara Calesso and the Beauty CONSULTANTS of MM Cosmetica, we are close to our beauticians and we help them every day. Not because we think that they are not able to work without us but because our Beauty Consultants, thanks to the attendance of hundreds of Beauty Salons, are able to impart the great experience of a Beautician multiplied by three hundred!                                                                                 

We can help the daily work of a professional, raise expectation, give a qualified and additional service, improve the notion of professionalism that your customers will have thanks to the collective training service in our company, the individual training service in our company or at home, the Open Day organised to promote new product line or therapy, or with the Check Up’s Open Days.                                                  

An institute which use high quality services will be automatically a cutting edge institute and the clients will appreciate it.                                                                                 

Our Beauty Consultants are trained with a very high level of preparation both in the cosmetic, anatomical/physiological and commercial field, in order to offer the best help to every Beauty Centre that might use this service. The cost? It is not a problem. The training is guaranteed for free to all the new clients who buy for the first time one of our product lines. The Open Day’s services are guaranteed for free to the contract clients (who, as many Beauticians now choose to do, elect MM Cosmetica to official cosmetic partner). For the no contract clients who may choose to enjoy the Open Day service, there are business methods very interesting, even at variable cost, which ensure the Beauty Centre to repay every costs with a benefit. Contact us to have more information and to meet Our Beauty Consultants.