During season 2018/2019, MM Cosmetica has organized 26 professional training courses for Beauticians.                                            T

he great success and the resonance which were obtained from the training program ensured that even Beauticians who came from all the Italian regions enrolled themselves in our training program for Cosmetology.

But not only courses. The expression “Training course” might have different meanings, but most of the times it is feared that it could be a waste of time and money attending “frontal trainings”, where an unskilled person improvise himself as a speaker and starts the show with 8 hours of no-interactive attention-seeking behaviour, and who is payed several hundred euros (hotel and board excluded!).
A lot of boredom and expense, but a little result.                                                                 

If we take into consideration that Sunday and Monday are our only free days, wasting them is even more frustrating. This is the reason why Beauticians, as time went on, were always less incentivized to participate at the courses. And this is even the reason why our MM Academy’s courses, training department of MM Cosmetica, are instead the most followed and participated: once again we wanted to distinguish our self and give a REAL added value to the Cosmetology’s professionals who decide to invest their time and (the proper) money in a very high-quality training and which give, above all, a real help during the daily work. Moreover, our headquarter is easily reachable from Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and bordering regions, so that’s even better!
In the training courses by MM Academy we wanted to privilege, as always, the Result. Attending a course, which is even interesting, without having the tools to improve your job, is a missed opportunity; but we want to create a lot of opportunities and weigh the results of a professional training in terms of: growth in turnover of the Beauty Centre; a best relationship with clientele and colleagues; a best management of the Beauty Centre; a bigger knowledge of economic dynamics which make profits and avoid mistakes; more self-awareness; being more aware of your own job and products.

These are just some of the goals that we offer for our Professional Training Courses for Beauticians: every course must lead to a measurable result. This is perfectly in line with our Project Beautician 2.0 which trains the most prepared and innovative Italian’s Beauticians.